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Next up: Down in Mississippichildren by Carlyle Brown

Sunday, April 2
1:15 pm meet at East Side Freedom Library for tour with Peter Rachleff and discussion with cast members
Play at 2 pm

Featuring Mikell Sapp, Tony Sarnicki, Adelin Phelps and Mari Harris with Amy Finch and Jeff Milligan-Toffler.

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Listen to a KFAI MinneCulture piece on Play Local.



Play Local is an initiative to bring audiences closer to the process of playwriting and producing new plays, focusing on productions of local playwrights. Playwright in residence, Kira Obolensky plans excursions and serves as a “tour guide” to the local scene. “We are working to create a local playwright movement, just like our wonderful local food movement,” says Artistic Director Michelle Hensley. Each Play Local event is limited to 15 people. There is no cost except for cost of ticket.