Production History

By William Shakespeare

"...lean, urgent and in-your-face overall arresting and vivid production that brilliantly summons up the heat and raw emotion." - Star Tribune
“Jesus, you guys are just way too awesome. There’s no reason you all have to be here or do these shows for us or say those nice things about letting my mom come. You all are some people to emulate.” —Inmate


"Oh girl, I needed this today, just a little escape, thinking about other’s people’s problems instead of my own. They were so good!” —Client at Dorothy Day Center

“Thank you. This was just great. I have never liked Shakespeare, I’ve always felt dumb about it like I was missing something, but you all just told the story so clear, I knew all of what was happening. Even when the words were funny, I could understand what they were getting at. I can’t believe I didn’t see the first show you all did here. I won’t miss another one! Come back!” —Client at Heritage Park YMCA

"Please, please tell the actors they have changed my mind about this play. I have read and seen it so many times and it wasn’t until today that I understood the depths of what it actually could hold. So powerful. Thank you for all for sharing it with us and all the audiences you bring it to. Life changing.”  —Audience member 

"At the end of Romeo & Juliet I didn't feel like leaping to my feet and cheering. I wanted to be alone to weep. I didn't feel as if I had been to a theater performance; I felt as if I had simply lived the experience alongside the characters. It was so intimate, so close, more so than any other TTT production I have seen." —Karen

"Great show yesterday afternoon. My wife had tears in her eyes during the final death scene...very moving and not overly done. It was the first Shakespeare play my kids (ages 12 and 13) had seen...I can't think of a better theater company! Thank you TTT!" —Paul