The 2017/2018 Season

Park and Lake

STE 5304 copy

Devised by the Cast with Kira Obolensky

Feb 16-18 and Mar 9-11 at St Paul's ELCA of Minneapolis, 2742 15h Ave S;
Feb 23-25 and Mar 2-4 at Open Book

Run time is 2 hours, plus a 10 minute intermission.

Co-directed by Michelle Hensley and Luverne Seifert

Featuring Stephen Cartmell, H. Adam Harris, George Keller, Thomasina Petrus, Kimberly Richardson, Luverne Seifert, Eric "Pogi" Sumangil and Karen Wiese-Thompson

In this delightful romp, a group of eight motley employees at a failing small-town car wash decides to take their destinies into their own hands. Devised by veteran TTT actors Luverne Seifert, Stephen Cartmell, Sun Mee Chomet, Joy Dolo, H. Adam Harris, George Keller, Kurt Kwan, Thomasina Petrus, Randy Reyes, Kimberly Richardson, Eric "Pogi" Sumangil, director Michelle Hensley and playwright Kira Obolensky.


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  • Stephen Cartmell

    Stephen Cartmell

  • H. Adam Harris

    H. Adam Harris

  • George Keller

    George Keller

  • Thomasina Petrus

    Thomasina Petrus

  • Kimberly Richardson

    Kimberly Richardson

  • Luverne Seifert

    Luverne Seifert

  • Eric 'Pogi' Sumangil

    Eric 'Pogi' Sumangil

  • Karen Weise Thompson

    Karen Weise Thompson